The Top Five Dog Accessories

We have some ideas for fabulous dog accessories that will make passing strangers stop you to coo in admiration…

The Dog Bandana

Every dog breed – small or large – looks good in a bandana. It adds that stylish note and you can coordinate it with your dog’s other accessories. Or even your own clothing if you like. Bruno’s Co makes hand-made bandanas for your dog that are made in the UK, 100 percent cotton, machine washable and they come in sizes small to XXL.

If your dog is wary of strangers, you can buy yellow bandanas that warn people off. This Ancol yellow bandana clearly tells people your dog needs her own space and saves you having to repeat yourself numerous times while you are out walking her.

A Smart Overcoat 

Most coats are stylish and practical – particularly when you live in the UK and walks often must be taken in the rain. A jacket will keep your dog warm(er) and dry (er). Clothes for dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll find something right for your pet. You can also choose between waterproof, reflective, warmth and knitwear.

There are also cooling and calming coats. Also called Thundershirts, this useful garment exerts a constant, gentle pressure on your dog which can help calm him down if he gets anxious, over-excited or fearful. They can be used for fear of thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, problem barking and jumping, and more.

Dog Boots 

As winter approaches, you might want to consider a pair of boots to keep your pet’s paws toasty when you go for a walk. They are also useful if your dog has a sore paw. We love these Ruffwear Summit Trex Boots, which help to protect against extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, salt and other chemicals on the streets. They have low-light visibility, thanks to a reflective trim.

For dogs that don’t need that level of protection, there are other options too, such as these Ferplast Dog Boots. They are anti-slip and adjustable.

A Sweatshirt 

Finally, if you really adore your pooch, splash out on a sweat-shirt from Mungo and Maud. The T-quilt ‘Whiskers’ Dog Sweatshirt is a quilted, soft-cotton blend sweater, especially for your pet. It’s embroidered with whiskers and will help keep him warm, cosy and smart.