The Top 10 Tricks for A Pet Hair-free Home

Depending on the breed of dog you own, clearing up dog hair can be a constant task for pet-owners.

What are the top 10 tricks for keeping stray hairs to a minimum?

  1. Grooming – regular grooming will help, as it will remove a lot of the stray hairs. And it creates a bond with your dog. Use the correct brush for the breed. Depending on what kind of dog he is, you might also want to consider professional grooming and clipping if necessary.
  2. Use blankets, covers and special beds. In an ideal world, your dog won’t be clambering over your furniture, but if you don’t mind her sitting on your couch or armchairs, protect them with a blanket.
  3. Consider pet-hair unfriendly fabrics, materials and furnishings. There are some surfaces pet hair loves to cling to. Hardwood or laminate flooring is best for homes with pets, and leather sofas and chairs another excellent choice. Canvas, pleather and heavy-duty cotton don’t attract that much fur either.
  4. Buy yourself a vacuum cleaner that has pet hair settings. They can make light work of hoovering up all those pesky hairs.
  5. Dampen carpets before vacuuming. This can make it easier to pick up hairs.
  6. Use rubber gloves. Run them under the tap and then rub your hands over small surfaces areas where there is a lot of fur.
  7. Use lint rollers. These rollers work best on clothes. Splash out and buy the best ones you can afford, as these will make light work of picking up hairs.
  8. A dampened mop will pick up dog hairs from vinyl or wooden floors.
  9. Use packing tape. Wrap the tape around your hands back to front, so the sticky side faces out. This is perfect for chairs and smaller surface areas.
  10. Use tumble dryer sheets. They are ideal for picking up fur and fluff.