Top 10 Annoying Things that Non-Dog Owners Do

As dog owners, we don’t expect everyone to like our dogs, but there’re surely a number of things we really don’t enjoy non-pet parents doing. Here’s a list of our top 10 least favourite things non-dog owners do:

1. Pet your dog without asking

Every dog owner enjoys when other people admire the beauty of their four-legged child. But almost all of us get annoyed when people come and start petting and playing with our dog without acknowledging we’re there and we’re supposed to be asked if it’s ok to touch the dog. Two main reasons here – 1) not all dogs are friendly by default and it’s ultimately our responsibility if the dogs reacts badly; 2) sometimes we’re just not in a mood for dog lover 8301 to come and enjoy free cuddles.

2. Taking a photo of your dog without asking

If there’s something more annoying than someone petting your dog without asking, this is someone taking a photo of your dog without seeking permission. Would you do this with a child? Well, it’s equally unacceptable to do it with a dog.

3. Assume that your dog is supposed to entertain their kid

Most dogs love most children. Some dogs though not so much. Either way, the dog is not there to entertain strangers’ kids and it’s very strange when some parents come to let their kid play with the doggy without asking if it’s ok. Plus – sometimes the dog might just not be in a mood, so it’s always good to ask first.

4. Expect you to keep the dog in the other room when visiting

Some people don’t like dogs. We get it (well, not exactly, but we’re used to it). However, if you’re visiting a friend with a dog, you have to accept that the dog is part of the family and you’re supposed to respect their space. The dog is not an object, you can’t expect them to be closed in a room until you’re there.

5. Talking how annoying other dogs are

“Your dog seems ok, you have to see my neighbour’s dog. It’s so annoying…” or “I’m not a dog person, but this one is ok”. You don’t like dogs, it’s obvious. Let’s just skip the topic.

6. Feeding your dog from the table

Dogs are greedy creatures and they can get spoiled way too quickly. We, as dog parents, invest quite a lot of effort to have a well-behaved dog who knows the rules and has limits. When someone comes for a few hours and breaks the rules just because they can’t resist, this could cost us weeks in additional training. Or even worse – leave us dealing with upset tummy, because this chicken tikka is the last thing the dog needs. Yes, we love those puppy eyes, too, and that’s why we do everything for their wellbeing, not for our temporary pleasure.

7. Trying to explain what’s wrong with your dog

Not necessarily annoying, but it’s funny when someone with zero experience with dogs explains  why your dog sheds so much or sleeps longer than usual.

8. Treating your dog like it’s a plush toy

Dogs love playing and cuddling, but they don’t enjoy when someone, especially a stranger, oversteps and treats them like a plush toy. Most accidents happen when people don’t respect dog’s personal space and think it’s ok to kiss them 1,000 times or pull their legs, for example. Warn your friends to treat your dog as if it’s a child. Would they pull your daughter’s ponytail?

9. Get annoyed when your dog is barking or just being a dog

Dogs bark, shed, salivate, fart (loudly!), snore and are generally not the most gracious creatures. If you don’t like my dog barking, maybe you stop talking instead?

10. Treating your dog as an inferior creature

Maybe most of the points in this list come from the presumption that people are superior to dogs. Most dog owners see their dog as part of the family and equally important to the people they love. It’s annoying when non-dog parents assume that our dogs are some sore of secondary creatures that come after people. If you think this way, then most probably my dog is more important to me than you. Sorry!