There’s Another Victim in the Stockholm Lorry Attack

Littles was said about the fifth victim in the lorry attack in Stockholm last week. The tragic terror act took the life of the gorgeous Iggy who happened to have his last walk in the area when the attack happened.

The image of dog biscuits, candles and a dog’s collar went viral on Saturday when Markus Krantz, 37, and his girlfriend who live just north of the city, went to the scene of the attack after it was re-opened to the public. They noticed that there’s no mention of the poor dog who lost his life there. Markus used the collar of his dog who passed last year to create this touching memorial of Iggy.

Stockholm attack dog Iggy

It turns our Iggy was a rescue dog from Dublin who was re-homed in Stockholm a few years ago. Following his post, Markus discovered that Iggy was a rescue dog from Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary in Dublin.

Dogs Aid asked Markus to return to the site and leave a message on their behalf: “Iggy Run Free, from all ur friends in Dogs Aid in Dublin.”

Stockholm attack dog Iggy

RIP, Iggy!