Lost Dog Reunited with His Dad Thanks to Instagram

This cute 2-years-old frenchie Gomi and his new friend Osita spent together only 2 days, but they formed a bond that cannot be broken.

Gomi’s dad, Micha Porat was driving home one night when he spotted something darting across the road. He thought it was a cat, but quickly realised it was a tiny Chihuahua who was terrified and wandering the streets all alone. It was obvious the little dog was lost and couldn’t find her way home.


Porat managed to catch the lost dog thanks to other passersby and took it home. When his cute French Bulldog Gomi met her, they immediately liked each other and became inseparable. Porat had little hopes that he could find the little’s dog owners, but just in case he shouted out about their new friend on Gomi’s social media accounts. Being kind of a celeb, Gomi’s post was quickly spread and they managed to find the Chihuahua’s dad.

lost dog instagram

It turned out the tiny doggie is the 14-years-old Osita who suddenly disappeared from his dad’s garage. Osita is a therapy dog who works at her dad’s business, Gustavo Briand Hair Studio, where her dad had recently been doing a bunch of renovations. He thinks that Osita was stressed from all the change, and that’s why she bolted. He kept searching for her till 3am the day she vanished and was very, very woried about her.

Our last Snuggles together before Osita reunites with her Daddy! I'm feeling very emotional right now ? I'm all over the place! I'm so happy because we found her Daddy @gustavobriandstudio but sad because I'm gonna miss my new sweet friend Osita! We only spent two nights together but we developed a bond ????? We have a real good chemistry together too because I'm young and crazy and she's an older more experienced 14 year old grown ass woman ?? She's seen it all, been all over the world and she was shedding wisdom on me! I love her and it was so amazing having her stay with me when Daddy would leave the house because I wouldn't feel lonely anymore. I also was learning to be more patient because she's not as fast as me because she's older. She made me want to be a big boy and I even didn't play with her as rough as I normally do because Daddy told me to be gentle ? Well hopefully I'll still get to see her for PlayDates! Miss you already Osita ? #GomiLovesOsita

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The story quickly made the headlines. Well done Gomi for being such an Instagram celebrity and Osita found her way back home.