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funny dog sign

11 Funny Dog Signs

"Please, clean up after your dog" is sooo boring. Some people have come up with hilarious signs to remind us of basic dog rules in public. Dog owner or dog lover - you'll enjoy this! 1. You get the message, right? 2. Huh? 3. If you're more concerned about your mental health... 4. Cute! 5. Pit Bull + AIDS - no, thanks! 6. Perfect for sausage dogs 7. We wonder how this photo was taken! 8. So Instagrammable! 9. No free puppy cuddles for fake do owners! 10. How about a dog party? 11. Fair point! 12. Bonus - the sign is standard, but what's in the background... Oh, boy...

dog don't understand personal space

10 Dogs With Absolutely No Understanding of Personal Space

Dogs just don't get personal space. Unless, they're eating or really tired and want to chill alone. Here's a collection of 11 hilarious photos of dogs that just don't understand why their bum doesn't need to be in people's faces. 1. Some space for me, please? It's a 4-seat sofa 2. I'm just soo tired 3. This is my usual place actually, you can watch TV on the floor 4. The baby? What about the baby? 5. This Doga classes are so much fun. Look I can do 6. In your face... 7. Find the cat! 8. I'm sure this helps his headache 9. And what about my carseat? 10. This is my armchair! 11. Find the cat!

dog and duck best friends

The Ultimate Friendship – Dog & Duck

These two look like an unusual pair, but they're actually best of friends and entertain their owner all day long. Rudy the duck and Barclay the golden retriever live in the same households but they were once rivals, even enemies. Rudy's job was to chase Barclay when he was trying to steal the duck's food, using his beak to peck at the intruder. Barclay would usually run away, but one day he decided to have a sniff at the angry bird. They got so close since then that they became inseparable. Their Pam Ishiguro, from Orange County, California, said:“When they are together, somebody is always chasing or jumping on someone else, but when they are apart, they’re always calling for each other.” Their love-hate relationship knows no limits. They sometimes cuddle on the sofa and R…

little dog and big dog

Little Dog Uses Her Big Brother for … Everything

Meet the 2-year-old Bella who uses her big brother Hank for pretty much anything she needs. A stepping stool? No problem, Hank is around. Transportation around the house? Hank, please come. A cosy napping spot? Hank, please don't move. Bella is incredibly energetic and keeps Hank on his toes with all her requests. He's getting old (10 years old) and according to his owners Bella has amazing influence on him to keep him constantly on the move and entertained. Adriana Burkhart, Bella’s mum said: “Bella lives with me and Hank stays at my parents, but whenever I bring her home they both go crazy when they see each other. They're both cuddle bugs so they sleep together a lot and Bella will chase him around and try and play tug of war with his tail sometimes. He's so much bigger th…

easter dog

10 Photos of Dogs Who Aren’t That Excited About Easter

These dog owners probably went a bit too far with dressing up their dogs. What's your dog's Easter outfit? 1. "He's the little one! Why am I wearing the stupid bunny ears?" 2. Too cool for school 3. It looks you're celebrating the wrong holiday, buddy! 4. "Please, treat me as an adult. I'm tired of these funny outfits" 5. "What am I getting for this?" 6. "Do I look like an Easter bunny?" 7. "Why do I need to wear these stupid shoes?" 8. "That's a bit over the top. Are you done with your photo?" 9. "This is not going on Instagram!" 10. Easter eggs?

dog who look like their owners

17 Dogs That Look Exactly Like Their Owners (And the Reason Why)

Dogs tend to look like their owners. Fact! The question is not so much whether this is true or not (we all can agree it is), but why do people choose dogs that resemble them. Some psychologists believe it might be a spill over from the way we evolved to find mates: dating someone that looks like us may ensure that their genes are generally compatible with our own. Thanks to this imprinting, we may therefore prefer anything that looks a bit like us (friends, cars, gadgets). This makes comfortable and gives reassurance we're accepted. For example, women with long hair are more likely to prefer dogs with long, floppy ears, and heavier people tend to have fatter dogs. A tall, slim person would choose an Afghan Hound instead of French Bulldog. The resemblance is not always so obvious, som…


Bus Driver Breaks Company Rules and Lets Stray Dogs Onboard to Escape a Thunderstorm

A bus driver from Buenos Aires, Argentina saved the lives of two scared dogs after he saw them shaking in the cold during a dangerous thunderstorm. He did this besides the strict company policy that doesn't allow any animals in the buses. Commuters posted photos of the two dogs online and their story became viral, with praise for the bus driver from around the world. The company had to issue statement that it's supporting the driver and unlike some people's expectations he won't be fined.

dad and dog

13 Dads Who Didn’t Want a Dog in Their House

Well we all know how this works. We ask for a dog, dad says "No". We beg for a dog, dad says "No!". We cry for a dog, dad says "NO!". Then Christmas come and all of a sudden, we get a dog in the house. And then the transformation begins. The dad who was totally against having “That Damn Dog“ in the house, gradually discovers the beauty of the unconditional love, happy wagging tail and sweet wet nose that only a dog could give. 1. And started doing everything with the dog 2. Even wearing matching sunglasses 3. Or cuddling on the sofa 4. Cheek to cheek 5. Checking news together 6. Making sure his buddy is comfy and relaxed 7. Not being embarrassed to show their love in public 8. Making sure the dog doesn't leave his side when he's hangoverish 9. Believing that his…

big dog carried

Huge Dogs Who Love To Be Carried

Every owner of a big dog knows their four-legged friend doesn't always have a sense of their real size. Giant dogs would very often behave as puppies and would expect you to carry them around or to fit in unusually small places. Here're 10 sweet big doggies who love to be carried by their owners... 1. I don't care you're Ryan Gosling, you're my daddy first! 2. Bikes are scary! I need a hug! 3. I'm sure I saw a spider! 4. It's not my fault the shop's floor is wet... 5. Why is everyone laughing?! Can't I just sit in your lap, mummy? 6. It's just hair, I'm not that heavy, am I? 7. You can't just cuddle one of us, it has to be both! 8. Why is only the baby allowed to do this?! 9. Where's the sun lotion? My nose is burning... 10. I love you to the ceiling and back…