Dying Dog Without Ears Gets a Second Chance


Four years ago police in Arizona found an abandoned dog wandering the streets of Phoenix. She was all swollen, emaciated, covered in thicks, she had her ears bitten off and smelled really, really badly.

calista dying dog

The police officer caught the dog and took her to Mayday Pit Bull Rescue. While the rescue group couldn’t take the dog themselves, they contacted Jeannette Goldsberry and her husband, and asked if they would foster her. Luckily, she said yes and later that day her husband went to pick her up.

calista dying dog

The dog went several treatments at the vet and the doctors didn’t think she’d make it. Goldsberry called her Calista which means “most beautiful”. Beating all odds, Calista survived her first night, then another, then the week. After a week, she went to her foster home with the Goldsberry family where she became really good friend with their dog Zazu.

calista dying dog

They never intended to adopt her, but as soon as she was fit and up for adoption, they decided to keep her. Jeannette said she can’t imagine Calista being anywhere else but with her family.

calista dying dog

Calista still has some health problems she’s dealing with, but despite everything she’s been through, she’s a very happy and loving dog.

calista dying dog

“She loves life,” Goldsberry said. “She loves food. She loves people. She loves other animals. She’s just an amazing, amazing soul. Sometimes fear crops up from her experiences, but she’s pretty much overcome all of that.”

calista dying dog

“She’s known for her tail drumming,” Goldsberry added. “She’s always wagging her tail, and we have wooden floors, so it sounds like she’s drumming. She is literally the happiest dog I have ever known.”




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