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The Top Five Dog Accessories

We have some ideas for fabulous dog accessories that will make passing strangers stop you to coo in admiration… The Dog Bandana Every dog breed – small or large – looks good in a bandana. It adds that stylish note and you can coordinate it with your dog’s other accessories. Or even your own clothing if you like. Bruno's Co makes hand-made bandanas for your dog that are made in the UK, 100 percent cotton, machine washable and they come in sizes small to XXL. If your dog is wary of strangers, you can buy yellow bandanas that warn people off. This Ancol yellow bandana clearly tells people your dog needs her own space and saves you having to repeat yourself numerous times while you are out walking her. A Smart Overcoat  Most coats are stylish and practical – particularly when you live…

how to become a dog walker

How to Become a Dog Walker

Ever wanted to spend all your working life outside in the fresh air in the company of man’s best friend? Or perhaps you’d like to become part of the UK’s gig economy and make some money on the side? Becoming a dog walker might be the best decision you'll ever make. There is plenty of demand for dog walkers in the UK’s big towns and cities, as many people need someone to walk their dog while they work. But if you want people to use your services, you will need to do some work first: You will need insurance You need to be able to cover accidents and emergencies when the dog is in your charge. Most dog walking insurance policies would cover Public Liability, Care/Custody/Control and Non-negligent cover, but you might add some extra perks as well. Make sure you plan the costs for your dog…

dental chews for dogs

Are Dental Chews Good for Your Dog’s Teeth?

The market is flooded with all sorts of dental chews and oral health treats for dogs, and marketing messages trying to convince us that these products are saving our pups' teeth. Is this true and do dogs really need dental chews? The short answer is - yes, daily oral hygiene is essential for our dog's health. Dogs teeth need to be brushed just like ours, and when this is not possible chewing is the best way to prevent plaque and bacteria developing in your dog's mouth. However, vets warn us to be careful when choosing the right products, as many of the commercially available chews act more like treats rather than proper dental care product. On the top of that, some products are full of additives and surprisingly high levels of calories which might affect your dog's eating habits and …

dogs and laster pointers

Dogs Chasing Laser Pointers – Funny or Alarming?

Watch this YouTube video with funny dogs chasing laser pointers and you'll be laughing the whole morning. Dogs get addicted to the idea of catching the annoying laser and many people find it amusing. Is it really that funny though? It turns out that laser chasing is actually a distressing experience for dogs and they don't see it as a fun game. On the contrary, it could lead to serious behavioural issues.The constant chasing without ever being successful at catching the moving object can frustrate dogs and makes them anxious and stressed. Dogs can't understand why they can't catch the light, so they try harder and harder with no result. This is especially bad for working dogs or natural "hunters" who are trained to chase objects. Even when a laser is not involved, it's a standard pra…

dog heatwave

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool During the Summer

The rising temperatures are giving our canine friends a hard time. They might look happy and excited to have longer sunny walks with us, but overheating is very dangerous and might come unexpected. Dogs can suffer fatal heatstroke within minutes. Imagine wearing a thick winter coat and running on a hot summer day. Well, that’s how they feel. How do dogs cool down? Once their body temperature rises, dogs can’t sweat through their skin like people. Dogs do sweat through their paw pads, but it’s by panting that they circulate the necessary air through their bodies to cool down. Some breeds manage heat much better than others. All snub-nosed dogs have a harder time regulating their temperatures due to their shorter nose. These include bulldogs, pugs, boxers and boston terriers. Giant bree…

marrow bone danger

Why You Should Never Give Marrow Bones to Your Dog

Marrow bones might look like a tasty and (sort of) healthy treat for your dog, but there're more and more cases of dogs who had to undergo operation after chewing on the yummy reward given by their owners. The bone can actually get lodged over the dog's lower jaw and it gets impossible to remove it without professional help. Some dogs should even be put under general anaesthesia as it causes them so much pain that it's impossible to remove it while the dog is conscious. The bones can be cut apart, but the dog’s teeth can experience cracking or splitting as a result, or sometimes even losing a tooth. The issue with marrow bones was raised by Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic in California, USA.

dog events

Where to Go with Your Dog in July

Hooray! It’s summer, which means lots of outdoor time with your doggie. Where should you go with your four-legged friend in July? Here are some ideas… Canary Woof Dog Show When: 12 noon - 5pm on 2nd July 2017 Where: Ropemakers' Field's Park, Limehouse E14 The Canary Woof companion dog show is open to everyone. There are rosettes and prizes to be won, with the best dogs going forward for the ultimate accolade of Best in Show! LIMEfest2017's doggy spectacular is hosted by Rob Alleyne UKRCB, Canine Behavioural Trainer and trainer on the BBC TV series Dog Borstal. It's super affordable and it seems it will be lots of fun. Get tickets here.   Hearing Dogs Morecambe Bay Walk When: Saturday 29th July 2017 Where: Arnside Promenade, Arnside, Cumbria, LA5 0AA The Hearing Dogs f…

dog walking london

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

How often should you walk your dog – this is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? The answer usually depends on the breed, as some dogs need more exercise than others – particularly breeds that were traditionally working dogs. Generally, the recommendation is that you walk your dog for at least twenty minutes twice a day, and try to fit in longer walks at the weekend or whenever you have the spare time. Regular walks help to prevent urinary tract infections, as your dog gets to wee regularly. They keep him fit and healthy and prevent muscle atrophy and obesity. You can keep an eye on your dog’s health through monitoring his toilet habits. A walked dog is a happier dog, and he can socialise with other animals and people. The age of your dog is another factor. The older she gets, …

dog walker London

What to Look for When Choosing a Dog Walker

Entrusting your beloved pooch to someone else is a big deal. If you need someone else to walk your dog, what should you look for? Here are our recommendations… Check out your local vet's surgery Your vet might know someone, or the surgery may offer the service on the side. Also, your vet’s surgery might keep a record of reliable pet sitters and walkers in the area. Insurance You should choose someone who has the necessary insurance. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong, but you do want to make sure there is cover in place in case your dog goes missing, becomes injured or causes damage or injury to others while she is being walked. The person walking your dog might be coming into your home while you are out too, so trustworthiness is essential. Having insurance in place also proves th…

smoke inhalation dog

What to Do If Your Dog Inhales Smoke

Smoke inhalation in dogs is as dangerous as it is for humans. Exposure to smoke/carbon monoxide, usually the result of being trapped in a burning building or being close to fire, can kill even days after the accident happens. What happens when your dog inhales smoke? Similar to people, when your dog inhales smoke, they are breathing in harmful chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and cyanide. This leads to many immediate issues, as well as to serious consequences during the next few days. Depending on how long the dog has been exposed to smoke and what sort of chemicals have been burning, the dog could suffer from heat damage to the upper airway and lining of the nose, lung injury and lower airways injury; or system toxicity caused by the dangerous chemicals in the smoke. …