Dogs Chasing Laser Pointers – Funny or Alarming?

Watch this YouTube video with funny dogs chasing laser pointers and you’ll be laughing the whole morning. Dogs get addicted to the idea of catching the annoying laser and many people find it amusing. Is it really that funny though?

It turns out that laser chasing is actually a distressing experience for dogs and they don’t see it as a fun game. On the contrary, it could lead to serious behavioural issues.The constant chasing without ever being successful at catching the moving object can frustrate dogs and makes them anxious and stressed. Dogs can’t understand why they can’t catch the light, so they try harder and harder with no result.

This is especially bad for working dogs or natural “hunters” who are trained to chase objects. Even when a laser is not involved, it’s a standard practice to put working dogs in a situation when it’s simulated that they finally discover the desired object. Successful searches keep their skills sharp and prevent psychological problems.

Constant laser chasing can cause obsessive-compulsive disorder and as a result dogs constantly chase lights and shadows. There’re a number of registered cases in which the primary cause of the behavioural problem was traced back to “fun games” with laser chasing. It may look entertaining to people, but it’s usually anything but fun for dogs

So, if you play this game at home, please stop. You’re probably damaging your dog’s brain.

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