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Natural Food Supplements for Your Dog

Most pet-owners want to keep their dog as healthy as possible. One of the ways to do that is by adding natural ingredients to dog foods that can help your dog. Certain ingredients that are safe for humans aren’t good for our pooches, though. Garlic is toxic to dogs and cats, for instance. But other natural foods work beautifully. Coconut oil The superfood of the moment is as good for dogs as it is for humans. Lauric acid, an ingredient in the oil, is anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. The oil provides an immediate source of fuel and energy, and it can help overweight dogs lose weight. Coconut oil can also improve a dog’s coat and skin, and improve their digestion. Raw eggs Raw eggs are another great choice for your dog. Feed her a raw egg one or two times a week. Egg…

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Is Your Dog a Picky Eater? Here’s What You Can Do

If your dog suddenly stopped eating , you should immediately investigate what's causing it. The list of reasons is endless - from serious illnesses such as kidney failure, cancer, liver problems to broken or loose tooth, vaccination, hot weather or stress. Sometimes, more often than we think, dogs just become picky eaters and they refuse to eat unless offered their favourite treat. If you're sure that your dog stopped eating due to behavioural changes, here's what you could do to fix the problem Cut on treats It might be tempting to offer your dog his favourite dental stick if he skipped breakfast, but this will actually worsen the problem. If your dog is not ill, refusal to eat means he's not that hungry. Make him feel some hunger A hungry dog will eat. Starving is not the best opt…

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The Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Is a raw food diet right for your dog or is just a fad trading on the popularity of raw food diets for humans? Racing greyhounds, for instance, have traditionally been fed a raw food diet. Some years ago, Australian vet Ian Billinghurst proposed a raw food diet for all dogs as it is closer to what dogs would have eaten before they became domesticated. The raw food diet is sometimes referred to as BARF – biologically appropriate raw feeding, or bones and raw food. Other experts have disagreed with Billinghurst, saying a raw food diet is not necessary and could be harmful. The definition of a raw food diet is roughly raw meat, organ meat, raw eggs, bones, vegetables and fruit. The proponents of a raw food diet for dogs say benefits could include shinier coats, cleaner teeth, more e…

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What to Feed Your Dog for a Silky Coat

A silky coat isn’t just purposeful because it makes your dog lovely to touch – a glossy coat also reflects good health. Certain additives to dog food can give your dog’s coat a dull, lifeless appearance so food that doesn’t have too many additives and chemicals is a good start. Here’s what you can do to make your doggie healthy and beautiful. Tuna, sardines and salmon Oily fish is as good for dogs as it is humans. The Omega 3s will give him a real shine. Add some to his food, but remember to follow your vet’s guidelines for how much to feed your dog. Dog food with oily fish as a main ingredient It might be easier for your dog to get her Omega 3s from her food instead. Look for good-quality dog foods that list fish as the main ingredient. A tablespoon of coconut oil Coconut oi…

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Christmas Treats Recipes for Dogs

It’s natural for us to want to spoil our dogs at this time of year. If you’re treating yourself, you want to be nice to your pet at the same time. Try these special Christmas treat recipes for dogs. Remember, that if you’re feeding your dog treats, you should cut back on the amount of food you give him. Treats should be occasional too, if you want to prevent weight gain. Ginger Snaps Ingredients:  150g ground almonds  50g coconut flour 75g no salt, no sugar peanut butter  3tbsp ground ginger 1tbps cinnamon 60ml water Method: 1. Pre-heat the oven to 165 degrees Celsius. 2. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until they form a ball. 3. Roll the ball out flat (about 1 centimetre high) and use a small biscuit cutter to cut into 25-30 treats. 4.…

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Should You Give Your Dog Vitamin Supplements?

Did you take your multivitamins this morning? One in three Brits take some sort of vitamin supplement every day. Just like with people, dog supplements are a huge business. But do our dogs really need them? The short answer is - it depends. Most dogs do not need any food supplement if they're active, looking happy and fed quality food. Generally, you don't need to worry and add any multivitamins or joint supplements if your dog is not showing signs of being unwell. Vet professionals believe that supplements for dogs should be introduced if: Your dog has been diagnosed with a vitamin/mineral deficiency or a disease that responds to supplementation (e.g., zinc-responsive dermatosis or vitamin E supplementation for osteoarthritis). However, you should be giving your dog specific vita…

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Peanut butter yogurt dog treats

Quick and easy snack for your dog full of the right nutritions. Every dog will enjoy these yummy pupcakes and it only takes a few minutes to prepare them. Ingredients: 900g vanilla yogurt 1 cup peanut butter blueberries Method: Melt the peanut butter in a microwave safe bowl; Combine the yogurt and melted peanut butter; Pour the mixture into cupcake papers; Add a few blueberries on top Place in the freezer


Peanut Butter Pupcakes

It's National Cupcake Week and since most of us will be indulging in scrumptious cupcakes, we thought we shouldn't leave our dogs behind. We found a lovely recipe that you can happily share with your pup. Happy baking (and eating!) The recipe has first been published on Run DMT For the cupcakes: Ingredients: 1 cup white or whole wheat flour (I used white wheat flour.) 1 tsp baking soda 1/4 cup peanut butter 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 cup shredded carrots 1 tsp vanilla 1/3 cup honey 1 egg Direction: Preheat oven to 350°F. Prepare a muffin pan with paper muffin liners. In one bowl, whisk together flour and baking soda. Then, in another larger bowl, add the remaining wet ingredients and mix well. Slowly add the flour mixture to the wet ingred…

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Three Easy and Tasty Summer Treats for Your Dog

It’s summer (yes, we know – it’s been slow in coming) and that means ice-creams and ice lollies. Why should your dog miss out? While it’s never a good idea to give your dog human treats – their digestion is different from ours and you can end up giving your dog an upset tummy or worse – specially-made doggie delights are a nice idea. And when it’s hot outside your doggie will thank you for something cold to help him keep his cool. Apple Cubes This is really simple – all you need is chicken stock and apple slices. To make chicken stock, use your chicken carcase. Put the bones in plenty of water and bring to the boil. Turn down to a simmer and leave for a few hours. (Keep some chicken stock for yourself – it makes a great base for soup and risotto.) Once the stock has cooled, rinse and …

Christmas dinner

Dangerous Foods for Your Dog at Christmas

Christmas is finally around the corner and we all stock up our fridges and cupboards with our favourite Christmas foods and essentials. To make sure you don’t get tempted to treat your dog with some foods that could be potentially dangerous for them, we’ve made a quick checklist. Grapes and Raisins The exact reason why grapes and raisins are dangerous for dogs is unknown, but it’s been reported many times, that dogs could get seriously sick after eating even a couple of them. Since raisins are a very popular ingredient for many Christmas meals, make sure your doggy doesn’t end up indulging in anything that contains them. Christmas Pudding They almost always contain raisins, plus Christmas puddings are full of sugar and fats, and very often contain chocolate and alcohol. All of these c…