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    Water Intoxication in Dogs

    Is there such a thing like too much water? Yes, similar to babies, excess water in dogs can lead to depletion of the sodium, and chloride levels required for your dog’s body to function. Symptoms of water intoxication in dogs are loss of coordination, lethargy, bloating, vomiting, glazed eyes, excessive salivation, difficulty breathing, seizures, and coma. […] More

  • dog in pain

    Is Your Dog in Pain? The Signs and Symptoms to Look For

    Doggie lovers hate it when their animal is in pain. Your dog can’t tell you, obviously, but there are signs and symptoms you will notice that give clues. Here are some of them. The noise  Yes, dogs can’t talk, but they can express themselves in other ways. A dog that is suffering may make more […] More

  • dog winter

    Where to Go with Your Dog This Winter

    Brr – it’s cold outside, but your doggie still wants to go out. If you’re going to explore further afield than your local park or beach, what are the options for dog-accompanied excursions this winter? Make the most of our heritage English Heritage cares for more than 400 historic monuments, buildings and sites all over […] More

  • dog and cat hiking

    Dog and Cat Hiking Together – Stunning Photos!

    Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend are enthusiastic hikers, but they find hiking on their own a bit boring. To make the experience even more exciting, they’re always accompanied by their super cute pets Henry and Baloo. Henry is a rescue dog who the couple adopted back in 2014. He was only 14 weeks old, but […] More

  • what to do with your dog in December

    Where to Go with Your Dog in December

    Tis the season to… take your dog on fun Christmas outings of course! It’s cold (and mostly wet) outside, but your doggie doesn’t mind too much. He or she still wants to go out exploring your neighbourhood and beyond with you. Here are some ideas for what you can do with your dog in December… […] More

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    Christmas Present Ideas for Dogs

    We all know, of course, that the concept of Christmas gifts for dogs is anthropomorphism at its finest. Your dog doesn’t know it’s Christmas time and that a present should be expected, after all. But when your dog is a treasured member of your family, it doesn’t feel right NOT to give him, or her […] More

  • meghan markle rescue dogs

    Here’s What We Know About Meghan Markle’s Dogs

    After announcing their engagement, all eyes are on Prince Harry and his bride-to-be Meghan Markle. Forget about the diamond ring and the lengthy TV interviews, all we need to know to love her is that she’s a dog person and she’s got two adopted pups. Who are Meghan Markle’s dogs? Meghan Markle has two dogs: […] More

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    15 Hilarious Dog Shaming Photos

    It seems we can’t get enough of these dog shaming pictures that people are taking all across the world. Check this selection of funny photos and get your mood fix. 1. Well, it’s your fault you don’t hide the food, mummy! 2. That’s pretty much the right place, isn’t it?   3. You don’t know […] More

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    32 Dog Food Myths Busted [Infographic]

    Can your dog eat grains? Is garlic bad for my dog? How about raw eggs? Top Dog Tips did tons of research and are sharing their findings with us. Source: TopDogTips.com Is Your Dog Happy? The easiest way to book a vetted & trusted dog walker near you. Book a walk £10 Off Your 1st […] More

  • Mercers Walkies 2017

    Dog Show Coming to Central London

    A dog show with a difference is coming to Mercer Walk in Covent Garden this month, with dog owners and fans alike invited to join in for this daylong celebration of our four legged friends! Taking place on Saturday 25th November, it’s time to take a moment to paws and show our appreciation for our […] More

  • Dangerous Dog Act

    What is the Dangerous Dog Act and How It Can Affect You

    The Dangerous Dog Act was introduced in 1991 and is one of the most controversial pieces of legislations in the UK. What is the purpose of the Dangerous Dog Act? The main reason for introducing the act was to make it illegal to have a dog that is “dangerously out of control” on public places. […] More

  • Dachshund

    Longest Living Dog Breeds

    Sadly a dog’s life is usually shorter than a human’s life. We all would love to have our pups by our side for as long as we live, but mother nature hasn’t been so generous to our four-legged friends. An average lifespan of a dog is 10-12 years, but some breeds are luckier than others. […] More

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