• dog walking day care

    Dog Walking Versus Day Care

    Dog walking or day care? It’s the question dog owners ask themselves, especially when they first get their pooch. Most of us need to work for a living, so our pets are often deprived of our company for significant periods. A dog walking or day care service fills the gap. You either pack your pet […] More

  • in

    Hot Weather Tips – How to Keep Your Dog Safe

    With temperatures rising over the next week owners and dogs in greater numbers will flood into London’s parks for a sunny break from city life and a little TCL goes a long way in preventing ailments such as heat stroke and sunburn. Plan ahead to make sure your furry companion stays cool and comfortable in […] More

  • vegetarian dog

    Can a Dog Become Vegetarian?

    In recent years, vegetarianism and particularly veganism have taken off. Many people cite health, environmental and ethical issues as the reason for doing so. Can a dog be vegetarian? If you’re a vegetarian or vegan for ethical and environmental reasons, you might baulk at feeding your pet meat. Dogs are a species apart from us […] More

  • dog friendly

    5 Great Dog-friendly Places in Chelsea and South Kensington

    What’s better than a pub with a great beer garden? One that welcomes dogs too! Here at Swapaw, we love doggie-friendly venues. If you’re in the Chelsea and South Kensington area, where are the best places to go with your dog? The Latchmere The Latchmere is a dog-friendly pub in Battersea, which also happens to […] More

  • muzzled dog

    Should My Dog Wear a Muzzle?

    What do you think when you spot a muzzled dog when you’re out and about? We’re willing to bet you draw a breath and give him or her a wide berth. If you’re accompanied by your own pooch, the chances are you’ll double your efforts to avoid the dog. He or she’s bound to be […] More

  • boxer sofa

    This Dog Is Not Allowed on the Sofa

    As a dog owner you learned the hard way that muddy paws on the sofa is the last thing you want to see when you come back home from a long walk. When Lexi was a puppy, she used to roll in mud and happily jump on the sofa the moment she entered the house. […] More

  • dog walker

    How Much Can You Make as a Dog Walker?

    We’re all dog fans here at Swapaw, so becoming a dog walker is a dream come true. Imagine it – days spent strolling the parks with a pack of happy dogs in tow. Now, that’s what we call the perfect occupation! However, let’s get down to the brass tacks. How much can you make as […] More

  • obese dog

    What to Do if Your Dog is Obese

    Sadly, obesity isn’t just a problem that increasingly affects people in the Western World, it applies to our pets too. Obesity is defined as an excess of body fat. It can happen if the dog receives too much food, especially if he is getting regular treats or human food, he doesn’t get enough exercise or […] More

  • lost dog

    What to Do if You Lose Your Dog

    Argh! Your dog is missing. Maybe she ran away while you were walking her in the park. Or perhaps, the door was left open in your house and your pet has vanished. Worse, she might have been stolen. It’s easy to go into tail-spin panic, but all is not lost (forgive the bad pun). Let’s […] More

  • breeds that dont shed

    5 Small Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed

    If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t shed at all, then better go and get yourself a plush toy. Joking aside, there’re actually some dog breeds that almost don’t shed and are perfect for people with allergies and those who don’t enjoy vacuuming every other day. Here’re 5 of the least shedding dog breeds […] More

  • bulldog slow walker

    How to Deal With a Slow Walker?

    If you’re a bulldog owner, you’ve probably faced one of those embarrassing moments when your dog wouldn’t walk down the street, he’d pull back or even lay down, and make a statement that he’s not interested in the walk. What are the reasons for a dog walking slowly? Before putting it down on stubbornness, first […] More

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