9 Funny Dog Faces Even You Make

funny dog

Yes, your dog looks funny when you attempt to give him a biscuit or he sees a squirrel. But aren’t they just like us when…

1. When that eyebrow threading appointment didn’t go as planned

funny dog


   2. When someone parks right in front of your house. It is YOUR place!

funny dog


3. When there’s only soda left in the fridge. And the local store has closed 2 mins ago…

funny dog


4. When you know this annoying colleague is after something fishy

funny face dog


5. When you just had a hot Tinder match

funny dog face


6. When you just found out the in-laws are coming. For 9 days, 2 weekends included

funny dog face


7. When you woke up from the smell of your mum’s pancakes

funny dog face


8. When your friends are laughing at the joke your new boyfriend just said

funny frenchie


9. When everyone found out it was you

funny dog face


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