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The Top Five Dog Accessories

We have some ideas for fabulous dog accessories that will make passing strangers stop you to coo in admiration… The Dog Bandana Every dog breed – small or large – looks good in a bandana. It adds that stylish note and you can coordinate it with your dog’s other accessories. Or even your own clothing if you like. Bruno's Co makes hand-made bandanas for your dog that are made in the UK, 100 percent cotton, machine washable and they come in sizes small to XXL. If your dog is wary of strangers, you can buy yellow bandanas that warn people off. This Ancol yellow bandana clearly tells people your dog needs her own space and saves you having to repeat yourself numerous times wh…

how to become a dog walker
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How to Become a Dog Walker

Ever wanted to spend all your working life outside in the fresh air in the company of man’s best friend? Or perhaps you’d like to become part of the UK’s gig economy and make some money on the side? Becoming a dog walker might be the best decision you'll ever make. There is plenty of demand for dog walkers in the UK’s big towns and cities, as many people need someone to walk their dog while they work. But if you want people to use your services, you will need to do some work first: You will need insurance You need to be able to cover accidents and emergencies when the dog is in your charge. Most dog walking insurance policies would cover Public Liability, Care/Custody/Co…

dental chews for dogs
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Are Dental Chews Good for Your Dog’s Teeth?

The market is flooded with all sorts of dental chews and oral health treats for dogs, and marketing messages trying to convince us that these products are saving our pups' teeth. Is this true and do dogs really need dental chews? The short answer is - yes, daily oral hygiene is essential for our dog's health. Dogs teeth need to be brushed just like ours, and when this is not possible chewing is the best way to prevent plaque and bacteria developing in your dog's mouth. However, vets warn us to be careful when choosing the right products, as many of the commercially available chews act more like treats rather than proper dental care product. On the top of that, some prod…

funny dog sign
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11 Funny Dog Signs

"Please, clean up after your dog" is sooo boring. Some people have come up with hilarious signs to remind us of basic dog rules in public. Dog owner or dog lover - you'll enjoy this! 1. You get the message, right? 2. Huh? 3. If you're more concerned about your mental health... 4. Cute! 5. Pit Bull + AIDS - no, thanks! 6. Perfect for sausage dogs 7. We wonder how this photo was taken! 8. So Instagrammable! 9. No free puppy cuddles for fake do owners! 10. How about a dog party? 11. Fair point! 12. Bonus - the sign is standard, but what's in the background... Oh, boy...

dogs for adoption
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Bonnie and Clyde Looking for Their Forever Home

These two characters have been found on June 25th in Phoenix, Arizona and are currently looking for a new family who'd like to adopt them together. The two dogs are inseparable and are becoming a social media sensation on the shelter's Facebook page. The Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shared a photo of two dogs on Facebook who have formed a special bond. 6-year-old Bonnie is a female Labrador retriever and is rarely seen without her little "brother,” 1-year-old Chihuahua mix Clyde. As you can guess from the photos Bonny is described as “gentle and mellow,” while Clyde is known to be a “firecracker” who loves to run, play and seek attention. We ho…

dog friendly cinema
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Where to Take Your Dog in August

Hopefully, you have some home-based time-off in August, and you and your doggie can spend some quality time together. Here is a round-up of just some of the doggie-based outings that are taking place this month… Visions Dog Show Where: The Paddock, St John at Hackney’s When: August 5 What’s the best thing about this show? All the proceeds go to the charity, All Dogs Matter, a charity that concentrates on dog rescue and rehoming in London. You can register your dog to be in with a chance of winning some pawsome (groan!) prizes. Categories include the best dog, best trick and waggiest tail. Entry is £5 per dog. You will also get the chance to meet with the All Dogs …

dogs and laster pointers
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Dogs Chasing Laser Pointers – Funny or Alarming?

Watch this YouTube video with funny dogs chasing laser pointers and you'll be laughing the whole morning. Dogs get addicted to the idea of catching the annoying laser and many people find it amusing. Is it really that funny though? It turns out that laser chasing is actually a distressing experience for dogs and they don't see it as a fun game. On the contrary, it could lead to serious behavioural issues.The constant chasing without ever being successful at catching the moving object can frustrate dogs and makes them anxious and stressed. Dogs can't understand why they can't catch the light, so they try harder and harder with no result. This is especially bad for workin…

one legged dog wedding

Three-Legged Rescue Dog Makes a Lovely Ring Bearer

Piggy, a very special Border Collie, did a great job as a ring bearer at David and Jenny's wedding in New York. Piggy is a rescue dog who was saved by Tod Emko back in 2009. Emko was on holiday in Dominican Republic with us friend Andrea Gordon, when they came across Piggy. He was living as a stray on a local beach and had been hit by a bus, badly injuring his back leg. Without medical help, he would have died.  Emko and Gordon offered managed to save Piggy and decided to adopt him. Piggy was then flew to the USA and started a new life in New York City. Since then, Piggy has been acting as a therapy dog and participating in humane education programs run by Darwin An…

blind dog
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Blind Dog Can’t Stop Kissing Her New Owner

Jelly, a 14-year-old Chihuahua mix, was recently abandoned by her owner at Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles for unknown reasons. Elaine Seamans, a volunteer at the shelter, went to meet the dog not knowing what to expect, as old blind dogs are often unfriendly and protective of their personal space. The moment Elaine took Jelly in her hands she couldn't believe how sweet and loving she was, she started kissing her all over her face, shaking and looking for a cuddle. “I wasn't prepared for how incredibly trusting and sweet she was,” she said. “She never flinched or shied away from my hand as I started to pet her head. When I picked her up, she leaned into my chest…

funny dog face
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10 Funny Dog Faces to Make You Laugh

Here's a list of 10 hilarious dogs that obviously enjoy being silly. Their funny faces are worth a million, so sit back and enjoy. 1. Is this a kangaroo or a dog? 2. It's totally fine, I can catch this! 3. Can you fit another one? 4. I'm not scared. I just need a cuddle... 5. This was supposed to be a picture of the beautiful sky... 6. How long until the perfect shot. I'm bored and no, I can't make a funny dog face! 7. That's not daddy, this is the neighbour?! 8. Inflatable dog. They sell them in Tesco. 9. Not so funny, just too cute... 10. This yoga classes seem to be working See more funny dog faces that even people make.

dog meet ups London
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7 London Dog Meet-Ups You Should Check Out

Walking your dog shouldn't be a solitary experience. The joy of getting out and about with your four-legged friend is that you meet plenty of new people and dogs. Thanks to its dog friendly pubs and restaurants, dog friendly offices and nearby beaches, London is a great place to have a dog. If you want to meet other dog owners, we've shortlisted some fun dog meet-ups that are worth exploring. Let's walk our dogs, get decent coffee and hang out With over 430 members this group is the perfect social experience for every dog owner from London. Its friendly organiser provides fresh coffee and baked goodies for the dogs for free! They meet across different London locations (m…

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This Belfast Bar is Hosting a Doggy Fair

The Dirty Onion, a popular Belfast bar, is hosting a special doggy event, Pooch Social at the end of the month with all proceeds going to a dog charity. All dog owners are invited to come along with their beloved dogs and enjoy street food, live music and even a very special doggy fair. The event will take place on 30th July between 2-5pm The aim is to raise funds for Lucy's Trust, a dedicated charity in Northern Ireland helping dogs in greatest need of rescue space, mainly ex-working dogs, staffies and behavioural cases, and those in need of long-term vet treatment. If you live in the area or you're planning a trip to Belfast in the end of the month, more details be…